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Separating Waste

Hi! My name is Akshara Anirudh. I hope this website get you to understand a little more about the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). I am in middle school - 8th grade. I am a girl scout and this website is a girl scout silver award project. I love to play tennis and snuggle up with a book next to a fire place and read for hours. I hope you learn a lot from this website. 



You know, recycling and reducing can be fun, but my favorite is reusing. You can get so creative with it, you'll surprise yourself. My favorite craft that I did was reusing pistachio's epicarp. I love eating pistachios and so I saved its epicarp and used to it do something cool. I glued all of it to an old CD and painted it. It looks like a flower. It was so much fun to do, and without knowing so, I reused something! 



Recycled Clothes
Food Waste Compost

This is called composting. You know those peels that you throw away? Don't! If you have a garden save it and mix it with the soil. These peels have so much benefits for your garden!

This is simply recycling. Don't throw away scrap fabric! Make some other piece of clothing with it!

Recycled Bottle Planter

This is one of the most money saving crafts you can do! Ceramic pots cost a lot and you can have the same benefit with a plastic bottle too! Jut cut open the side and start planting!

Zero Waste Wrapping

Instead of wasting wrapping paper, you can use fabric pieces to wrap the presents up so they can be reusable, and cute too! 

Recycling Glass Bottles
Organic Vegetable Farm

If you have a spare tire, (and don't do snag one off your dad's car, spare is the key word ;) you can pot stuff! Just like the plastic bottle!

Saving plastic bottles can be put to great use. You can make fashion-y lights, more pots to hold plants, a simple lava lamp and more! 


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